These waist-defining winter coats are perfect for everyone looking to make the best out of winter. Designed with retro elements with modern fabrics that are windproof, waterproof, and made of stain-resistant recycled materials, these winter coats are unique, sustainable, and extremely versatile, thanks to the 3-in-1 design, 6 functional pockets, and detachable hood.

This curve-enhancing style comes in a lavender parka and light blue parka, that are some of the warmest vegan winter coats you'll ever wear.

Sustainably Warm Vegan Winter Coats


It can be extremely difficult to find a warm vegan coat
for winter. Trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why we have tested our vegan
parka, to give you a temperature rating you can trust. This vegan winter coat
is warm due to the waterproof fabric that blocks wind and rain. Windproof
fabrics help trap heat in and block wind chill out for a warm, cozy vegan
winter coat. The vegan insulation is made by Polartec, a leading brand in the
industry that specializes in ultra warm vegan down made from recycled materials
for a cooler planet. Our vegan winter parka also features insulated pockets and
cozy recycled polyester fleece keep hands warm without animal cruelty.  


We love the versatility and functionality of 3-in-1 coats.
Our 3-in-1 coat just happens to be fabulous, fashionable, and functional.
Each layer of the 3-in-1 winter parka can be worn separately or together for
wear throughout the seasons, making it a wardrobe workhorse. Usually 3-in-1 jackets
are pretty utilitarian, and we wanted to create 3-in-1 winter coat that was useful
and unique.


We are a retro clothing brand, and our Pinup Parka is a retro,
vintage inspired winter coat made of modern materials. We created a brightly colored
coat to supplement the more muted options at the thrift stores and vintage
shops, and created a sustainable, retro winter coat with modern conveniences like
waterproof fabric and vegan insulation, in a modern size range that we hope to
expand. The Pinup Parka is an ultra-feminine winter coat, a retro style parka
for the retro fashionistas that love the 50’s and 60’s fashion. In a world of shapeless winter coats, we offer you a sexy winter coat that defines the waist and will shape the body all winter long.