About Us

Limelight is a sustainable fashion brand co-founded by long-time friends, Amber Jackson and Natalie Near, after nearly a decade of love, laughter, and very successful vintage shopping.                                                                                                  
On the eve of Natalie's wedding in February of 2019, Natalie and Amber realized they would be leaving the warm temps of beautiful Key West, Florida to return to frigid temperatures and gloomy outerwear that wouldn't compare to the bright colors and happiness of the weekend. They wanted to wear something body-positive and sustainable every day, that could feel special, and make winter a happier time of year. With no experience in fashion design or production, the two took a leap of faith and created their first coat.                                                                        
After years of work, a pandemic, and many lessons learned, they have designed Limelight's first products – two unique coats, featuring an ultra-feminine silhouette inspired by 1950s and 60's era fashion. They hope that you love them, and they hope to keep creating timeless, joyful, flattering, and maximalist sustainable fashion.                                                                                                              
Learn more about Limelight's sustainability efforts here.