At Limelight, we believe that sustainability is an ongoing commitment and learning process. We have ambitious goals, and as a small business, we are committed to meeting them as we grow. 


What are we doing now?


All of our products use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, which removes plastic from the waste stream and gives it a new, long-lasting life! 

We understand that recycled polyester is not a perfect material, but we chose it for the following reasons: 

    • As a synthetic material, recycled polyester is durable & stain resistant, and therefore more likely to stay in our closets or be successfully re-sold. 
    • Synthetic materials have weatherproof functions that are difficult to duplicate with natural fabrics. 
    • We throw away 6 billion pounds of plastic annually, and recycled polyester helps to divert some of that waste from landfills and oceans. 
    • The creation of recycled polyester fabric requires less water and CO2 emissions than other natural fabrics like wool and organic cotton. 


All of our packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, is carbon neutral, and made in the USA. They can be recycled anywhere thin plastic film is recycled, like your local grocery store.

We order our recycled poly-mailers from Eco Enclose.

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We chose this option over a biodegradable option for two reasons:

    • In our research we found that biodegradable bags are largely manufactured overseas, requiring shipping that creates unnecessary emissions. 
    • We believe that the responsibility of sustainability should start with producers, instead of consumers. Instead of depending on our consumers to have a way to successfully compost packaging (often a 2 month process), we have made the most sustainable choice we could make as consumers. 


What are our future goals?


We want to hold ourselves to a standard of radical transparency, and 3rd party certification is the most transparent and honest way that we can share our sustainability efforts. 

At the present moment we don't have the funding to put towards certification, but by 2024, our products will be 3rd party certified for recycled content.


While we currently produce our product in China due to the technical nature of our product, we are actively working to source production in the Americas to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

Carbon Neutral

The goal of Limelight is to add joy to everyday clothing while doing no harm to the environment. In that spirit, by 2025 we aim to be certified carbon neutral!

Always Improving

We haven't figured everything out, and the space of sustainable fashion is evolving, innovation, and inventing. We commit to acting on new knowledge as we receive it. 

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